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How to get VBA code from Add-In?

You can retrieve VBA code from an add-in if

  • the VBA project hasn't been password protected
  • you know the password for the VBA project

If the above conditions are met, then follow these steps to retrieve VBA code from an add-in:

  1. Make sure that PowerPoint:mac is not running.
  2. Open Terminal through Applications | Utilities on your Mac OS X.
  3. Change your directory to ~/Library/Preferences/Microsoft.
  4. You need to modify the file com.microsoft.PowerPoint.prefs.plist. This is a binary file. You need to convert it to XML for editing it.
  5. Run the following command to convert it to XML format:
    plutil -convert xml1 -o com.microsoft.PowerPoint.prefs.plist.xml com.microsoft.PowerPoint.prefs.plist

  6. Edit the newly created com.microsoft.PowerPoint.prefs.plist.xml file in your editor (I used vi) and look for the following line:

  7. The next line would look like:

  8. You need to change the 0 to 1. The line should look like:

  9. Exit out of your editor and convert the XML file back to binary as follows:
    plutil -convert binary1 -o com.microsoft.PowerPoint.prefs.plist com.microsoft.PowerPoint.prefs.plist.xml

  10. Launch PowerPoint:mac.
  11. Make sure that you have loaded your add-in.
  12. Open VBE through Tools | Macro | Visual Basic Editor menu item.

You will see the add-in listed on the left pane. You can access your add-in code from there.

Click here for knowing how to obtain VBA code using Windows suite of Microsoft Office PowerPoint.

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